Before you start!
Before the Game Starts
Wait for Players to Join
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During the Game
What you are seeing
Game length
Play Fair
Don't break stuff
The Enemy
Latency Victims
Have fun
Friends make good targets
Ask and you may receive
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To actually play a game you will need the following things.
  • You need Flash 9 or better.
  • You need to have created an Account.
  • You need to have added some credits.
  • And there needs to be a tank available and a game ready to play.
  • If all these happen then you should be able to get a game. In the User Lounge, if all these things are true, then the 'Play' button will be active and you can just hit Play. This will start up a new window with the tank client in it. You should now be able to see a video from the tanks point of view.
    Once you are in the player client you will see you username appear in the top left corner. In the chat box down below you will see messages from other players and from the game letting you know what is happening. Normally you will have to wait just a bit while the other players join the game. Once everyone is logged on the game will start.
    To control the tank you will need to click somewhere on the Game area so that your browser knows you want to play. If you don't then a message will appear asking you to click on the game to play. Please note you cannot move the tank until the game begins. If you are waiting then just have a chat with other players waiting. It won't be too long!!
    Once the game starts you will be able to drive around the arena. You will see other tanks driving around and the point of the game is to shoot as many tanks as you can without getting hit yourself. The camera is attached to the top of the tank so as you move around you will see the arena from the tanks point of view.
    There are two aspects to movement. Firstly there is the movement of the tank itself. You can drive forward by pressing the 'W' key. You can go backwards by pressing the 'S' key and you can rotate left and right by pressing the 'A' and 'D' keys repectively. Give it a go. Secondly you can rotate the turret around using the 'J' and 'L' keys for left and right respectively. You can also move the gun up and down with the 'I' key. Finally, and importantly, you can shoot by pressing the 'K' key.
    You should be able to drive around the arena, rotate your turret and fire your gun. To hit other tanks you need to have your gun pointed at them and hit the 'K' fire key. If you are successful then the other tank will start flashing. You will get a Kill credit in the scoring at the top of the screen. If you are hit then your tank will flash and you will get a Death recorded in the scoring at the top of the screen.
    Just because you hit a tank doesn't mean it is dead. You need to hit them properly to kill them (they are armoured).
    A game lasts for 5 minutes. You will see a counter on the screen that is counting down the time left in the game. If the counter is counting then the game is playing. After the game you can continue to chat with the other players or start a new game.
    The biggest sin is breaking things. The hardware is real and if you break it then we have to fix it and until we do nobody can use it. You are warned!
    This is about having fun. If you are not having fun then stop. Remember to keep you language in check and don't harass people. If you have a problem with someone then tell us and we will do something (collect their name and when it happened). Don't take matters into your own hands. If you ram someone for calling you a name then you will be banned.
    You get one warning. If you repeat the behaviour you will be banned. Some behaviours will result in an instant banning.
    Ok. You will be banned for behaviours like:
  • deliberately damaging tanks or the arena,
  • repeated accidently damage of tanks or arena (you will get a warning),
  • Repeated harassment of other players or RCTiger Admins.
  • We know your ip address. And we can simply blacklist you. Basically we don't want you!
    The true enemy is latency. It is the evil enemy that stops you playing games (basically it is how long things take to get from your computer to ours). Here are the tips for reducing latency.
  • Make sure you are not uploading/downloading anything else.
  • Don't use a wireless connection to your LAN (plug yourself in).
  • Close any other programs that you are not using.
  • Get the latest version of Flash Player.
  • Some connections are just too slow to play this game, Sorry.
    We are currently working on more arenas and tanks and better connections at our end, so don't despair if your connection is too slow. We are also getting started on arenas in your part of the world which equals less lag.
    It is lots of fun to shoot at your friends. So get them involved and have a fun shoot out. In the near future we will provide a booking system so you can better organise games with people you know.
    If you like something then tell us . If you hate something then tell us . If you want something more or less then tell us .